Fruitful, herbaceous, infused, uplifting drinking vinegars. A lightly sparkling blend of fruit juice, sparkling spring water and cyder vinegar with no added sugar.
Traditionally known as ‘shrubs’ this historical and globally celebrated cordial has been re-imagined into a sublime modern-day elixir by the NONSUCH master-blenders. Using infusions of fruit, herbs and apple cyder vinegar to create a unique harmony of savoury, sweet and sour, each flavour is designed to tantalise your tastebuds and excite your senses, taking you on a journey to a whole new, modern drinking experience – beyond alcohol, beyond soft drinks, quite literally, beyond compare.
Flavours include: Peach & Basil, Sour Cherry & Garden Mint, Blackcurrant & Juniper

Sour Cherry & Garden Mint

Pronounced aroma of fresh garden mint with uplifted fruit notes. Mouth filling taste of sour cherry, apple and mint with natural fruit sugars and tangy thirst-quenching acidity. A hint of cyder vinegar enhances the fruity aftertaste.


46kcal per 100ml

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Blackcurrant and Juniper

Aroma of fresh blackcurrants with a marked juniper note. Blackcurrant and apple on the palate with natural fruit sugars and refreshing piquancy lifted by cyder vinegar.


44kcal per 100ml

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Peach & Basil

Marked aroma of fresh basil against a background of peach & apple fruit. Attractive raciness on the palate with cyder vinegar boosting the peachy fruit flavours. Very long finish.


42kcal per 100ml

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Quick Brown Fox is a coffee liqueur, hand crafted in New Zealand from organic cold pressed coffee with a clever hint of cinnamon in its tail.

Quick Brown Fox



Using a blend of three specially roasted organic coffees and a dash of cinnamon, Quick Brown Fox has unmatched depth and complexity.


A moorish, lingering aftertaste gives Quick Brown Fox a richness of character.




The town of Dunedin is New Zealand’s best kept secret.


Known for its cool climate, Scottish heritage and bustling University, it’s authentic welcoming feel made it the perfect home Quick Brown Fox.




The intense flavour makes Quick Brown Fox perfect for adding to your favourite cocktails.

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Based on a small farm and surrounded by orchards in the heart of the Pays d’Auge, Lecompte is one of the most authentic and prestigious Calvados houses.
Lecompte began distilling in 1923 and now house an extraordinary range of vintage Calvados maturing peacefully in 800 oak casks.

Lecompte Calvados 5 Years Old

Calvados Lecompte 5 is a fruity Calvados with discreet woodiness which compliments the light, lively apple flavours.


Before transferring to more mature barrels (known as ‘red barrels’) to help bring out its mellow flavours, this Calvados Pays d’Auge spends several months in small new oak casks, providing a delicate touch of vanilla.

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Lecompte Calvados 12 Years Old

While the fruit is still dominant, the blend of Lecompte 12 renders it more complex and more intense than its younger sibling, with a remarkable aromatic maturity.

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Lecompte Calvados 18 Years Old

Lecompte 18 year old is a superior, elegant and complex calvados from one of the most authentic and prestigious Calvados houses.


After a long maturing period in small barrels, the Cellar Master guides this Calvados Pays d’Auge to full maturity with a final phase spent in oak vats, ensuring that the aromas are rich and perfectly-rounded.

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Lecompte Calvados Multi-Vintage

Lecompte Multi-Vintage Calvados is a unique blend of five Maison Lecompte vintages to offer deep, intense aromas.


The coffee notes from the 1987 vintage combine with the “tarte tatin” and spicy aromas of the 1992 vintage to create warm candied fruit flavours.

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LeCompte Secret Calvados

Lecompte Calvados Secret



Eighty-five years after Maison Lecompte was first established, the new owners entrusted Richard Prével, the third-generation Cellar Master, with the task of crafting the most extraordinary Calvados ever made.


During the five years blending, and composing hundreds of combinations of Lecompte’s precious eaux-de-vie he made an incredible discovery: several barrels laid down by the founder of Maison Lecompte, undisturbed since 1923.


Lecompte Secret is a rare and unique Calavados Crafted from over 100 individual eaux-de-vie including the legendary forgotten barrels.

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Launched in 2009 Vestal Vodka is a craft, ‘batch produced’ Polish potato vodka with a simple yet unique approach to vodka production.
Potatoes which are grown in the fields surrounding the distillery are used to produce a unique range of vodkas which reflects the long Polish tradition of craft distilling.
The Vestal distiller uses both a vintage column still and a Copper pot still to produce a completely unique range of premium Polish Craft Spirits.

Vestal Blended Vodka

Made in a unique vintage Polish column still  from Innovator, Asterix and Russet Burbank varieties of potato, Vestal vodka is a unique, balanced and  flavourful premium craft  vodka.

70cl, 40%

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Vestal Vintages

The innovative Vestal approach to fermentation, distillation and filtration led to the creation of the Vestal vintages which have a limited release each year.

Each year a fresh crop of local potatoes are Distilled in a copper pot still just once and bottled without filtration. Each vintage produces a complex spirit which continues to develop and age after bottling.


Vestal Vintage Pomorze

Vestal Pomorze is distilled in a  traditional copper pot still using early picked red-skinned Asterix potatoes which are grown near the Baltic coast.

Because Pomorze is distilled only once and unfiltered it carries lovely natural aromas of blueberry and liquorice. It has a smooth velvety mouth feel that makes it perfect for sipping and savouring.


50cl, 40% vol

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Vestal Vintage Kaszebe

Made from the Vineta early picked potatoes grown in the sandy soils of Kaszubia in northern Poland Vestal Kaszebe is a robust and rewarding spirit.

Distilled once in a copper pot still and unfiltered to develop a complex spirit with hints of green banana, walnut , the resulting spirit delivers a rich mouth feel that makes it a perfect premium sipping vodka.


50cl, 40% vol

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The remarkable Italian malt whisky distillery, PUNI, uses only locally grown rye, which adds a distinctive flavour to its range of whiskies.
PUNI distillery is the only whisky distillery in Italy and was founded in 2010 by the Ebensperger family in the heart of the Italian Alps on the border with Austria and Switzerland.
With huge passion and with astounding attention to detail, the family has built a truly unique distillery which is producing a new and innovative style of whisky.


Nova is a new and pure expression of the PUNI approach to whisky making and was matured in American Ex-Bourbon barrels for three years, before being finished in selected European Virgin Oak casks

Nova is a delicate whisky which delights with it’s gentle sweetness and fruity flavours.


Tasting notes – Pear | Peach | Vanilla | Honey | Oak | Citrus | Cinnamon | Banana


70cl, 43% vol

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ALBA– the Italian word for Dawn, as well as the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland, is matured for three years in the finest  Marsala casks from Sicily and finished in hand selected casks from the Isle of Islay.

ALBA is a harmonious combination of the rich and fruity flavours of Italy and the distinctive smoky character of the Scottish island.


Tasting notes – Dark Fruit| Plums |Pear| Raisins | Baked Apple | Peat | Moss| Cloves


70cl, 43% vol

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Three Rivers Gin is distilled in the City of Manchester Distillery where they have built a distillery and visitor centre in a railway arch in the resurgent Green Quarter, an area that is alive with industry, innovation and creation.
The gin is exceptional and the distiller is as passionate about Manchester as he is about Gin.

Manchester Three Rivers

In The Heart of the City

In a railway arch in the heart of Manchester is The City Of Manchester Distillery, a unique distillery and visitor centre which is the home of Three Rivers Gin.


Distilled in small batches using 11 balanced botanicals Three Rivers is an exceptional Gin that is smooth, sweet and spicy with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom.

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Adult Soft Drink - Botanical soda
Lurvill’s Delight is a natural botanical soda based on an original recipe created in the Rhondda in 1896 by twins Harold & Iolo Lewis using locally sourced nettle, dock & juniper. The drink was sold locally between 1896 & 1910 & the profits were used to help pay the passage of the families of 150 miners to the USA.
Luvill’s Delight is low calorie, dry, refreshing and not sweet, made using natural flavour & botanical extracts with no added or refined sugars.
Bottled at source with Welsh spring water.
Lurvill's Delight - Lavender Spice - Botanical soda

Lavender Spice

Lavender flowers, blended with ginger & horseradish & natural botanicals, including cardamom & rose creates a unique spicy, dry soda.

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Nettle, dock & juniper blended with rhubarb to deliver a dry fruity finish

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Lurvill's Delight - Original - Botanical soda